Programmer "Art" Tower Defense

Programmer Art Tower Defense is a game in which you carefully place and upgrade infinitely upgrade-able towers against an infinitely long army of enemies. Who will triumph? No one anytime soon!

I made this tower defense game in a personal game jam over 9 hours to limit-test my development speed to prepare for an application to Ubisoft Montreal. It was refreshing to take a break from FOGO, which had been my only real project since I started it 4 months ago.

Taking a complete back-seat from anything even remotely resembling art was refreshing, and my focus was solely on systems and UI programming. While this project didn't explore any particularly new systems, though there were some fun ideas in there, the speed I wanted to push myself to had me thinking about next steps while I was still working on the step I was on, which was a unique challenge I didn't face to this degree before.

Despite how rushed the project was and how little (0) time I spent balancing, I find it surprisingly satisfying to play, maybe it's just nice to play a terribly balanced game and try to find the most overly-powerful solutions, besides, who doesn't like lasers?

While coding this game, I made sure to keep systems open-ended, as I'd like to revisit this project over the summer, I've always loved tower defense games and I'd like to polish this one up a bit more, add more towers, and experiment with more enemy types.

Programmer "Art" Tower Defense's repository can be found on this GitHub page