Egg Toss - A Puzzle Platformer

In Egg Toss, you explore the timeless enigma by controlling the chicken and the egg, using each of their unique strengths to escape your barn prison and become free-range.

Egg Toss was made by a team of three over the course of a week for the Global Game Jam, though my two teammates only had time to work on it over the first weekend. For this jam, I moved away from my usual hard focus on coding, and took on something closer to a tech-art position, as neither of my teammates were comfortable working outside of design or programming.

Despite stepping back from core-systems programming, I still had to perform many tasks in code, as I was responsible for integrating the sprite work and animations in addition to drawing them. On top of this, determining which tutorials were needed, and implementing them and their trigger conditions was certainly a coding task.

Notably, prior to this project I had always programmed animations by changing a frame at a time in code, a fairly messy and expensive way to do things. I took this jam as a chance to become properly familiar with the engine's built-in animator, and learned to work with it in code instead of raw images.

Egg Toss' repository can be found on this GitHub page.