FOGO - A "Fire" Platformer

FOGO is a unique platformer where the player flings a fireball through a world full of different fuels, explosives, and dynamic objects with the goal of climbing a mountain and returning to the stars.

FOGO is a project I made for Dawson College's Independent Video Game Design program in collaboration with 5 other talented students, you can learn more about them here on FOGO's demo website.

As lead programmer, I was tasked with perfecting the core systems of the game around the limits set by the designers, namely the systems for the fire itself, and the character's main mode of movement, the "fling".

The creation of FOGO brought with it many challenges, especially since it was my first time working long-term with a larger team. That said, these challenges left me with more experience in a normal work flow, as I had to adapt to working in tandem with our artist and designers over Jira, and ensure that my code was organized enough that it could be understood and accessed easily by my team.

The scope of FOGO had me splitting my focus from the code, also integrating visuals and being more concerned about the look of the game than usual. Additionally, the level design was done through Unity's tile-map system, whose focus on runtime optimization over accessibility through code forced several creative solutions and workarounds in the game's systems.

A beta build of FOGO is available from the FOGO page.

At this time, FOGO is still in development and its code and source files are not public. For inquiries, please e-mail me at, and I'll be happy to discuss it further.