Bat Trail - A Party Bluffing Game

Bat Trail is an echo-location party game where you delve into the caves with your friends in search of food. If you listen well and work together you can all survive, but slip up and people might have to start keeping what they find to themselves.

Bat Trail was made relatively early-on in Dawson College's Independent Video Game Design program. Originally, we began as a team of 5, but three members were extremely inactive, and Bat Trail ended up being made by 2 people: myself and the artist. The small size of the team meant that I was responsible for most of Bat Trail, the exceptions being the level design and the sprite assets.

Programming the main gameplay of Bat Trail was rather straightforward, save for the implementation of surround sound, which had custom tweaked distance fall-off, so we could tailor the sound to the distance we wanted the players to be able to hear threats and food clearly.

The true challenges of Bat Trail came in time management, as halving the team size right as production started put a serious time constraint on the entire production cycle.

Bat Trail also has several underlying menu systems that influence the social phase of the game, building and programming UI in general was new to me, and Bat Trail did wonders in getting me more comfortable working with UI.

Bat Trail's repository can be found on this GitHub page.