Sedatephobia - A 3D Storytelling/Horror Game

Sedatephobia is an audio-centric horror game where the player explores a dark empty world, discovering trinkets that stave off the terrifying silence and shed light on the character's story.

Sedatephobia is a project I made for Dawson College's Independent Video Game Design program in collaboration with 4 other students. As the other students were design and art focused, I handled all the programming, with the exception of the dialogue subtitle system which was done by one of the designers.

Sedatephobia served as a good base to practice audio integration in Unity. While the core controller of the game was simple, the game's focus and reliance on audio triggers forced me to learn how to smoothly integrate audio clips and work with Unity's audio management tools.

The game also carried a unique mechanic, where no matter where the player walked they would end up at the next set piece. This involved frequently teleporting or rotating the player, which could easily be jarring to the player if done improperly. Managing the player's camera and surroundings so that they wouldn't notice made for a unique problem solving challenge.

Sedatephobia's repository can be found on this GitHub page.