More About Me.

Hi, thanks for taking a look at my portfolio, I'm Noah (he/him). I'm 22 years old, and I've been living in Montreal all my life. I made my first game back in 2015 in the Unity Engine, and I've been passionate about programming ever since.

For a lot of my life I thought of games as simply being a hobby. I always enjoyed problem solving, optimization puzzles, even working in a breadboard making circuits. I always found it satisfying to carefully build a flow, find the errors and weed them out. The best part, of course, being when eventually you flip the switch and everything just works. I always figured this passion would manifest in a career in mathematics, engineering, or something of the sort.

After getting my sciences DEC, I realized that while the processes of pure math were right up my alley and I didn't mind them, they weren't fun, problems with a right answer, no flexibility, no creativity. It was always about finding the answer and not your answer.

This was when I started to look into programming for video games more seriously, and it clicked right away. Since then, I've worked on many personal and school projects, and as my experience and skills grow alongside the size of the problems to tackle, it's only been more and more fun.


2020 - 2022

Independent Video Game Design, Dawson College, QC, CA

2016 - 2019

DEC of Sciences, John Abbott College, QC, CA